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Essays in PDF format


The Book of Revelation
The epic journey of humankind from primitive to ascended master. 6p,495KB
The Time is Now
Revelations for today from Djwahl Khul and Ken Carey. 5p,301KB
The Era of the Gods' Return
Aquarian Age return of the masters of old. 4p,32KB
The Divine Plan
Aquarian Age Divine Plan. 8p,81KB
Masters and Avatars
Human Potential, Masters & Avatars. 6p,906KB
Evolution to Aquarius
Human florescence in the Age of Aquarius. 3p,318KB
Year 2012 Mysteries
Examination of the scientific and esoteric evidence for drastic Earth changes in 2012. 11p,65KB
Sheep and Goats
Plasma mutations separating wheat from chaff. 2p,11KB
Divine Panarchy
Cosmic ecology with human-divine causal interactions. 9p,48KB
The Fourth Initiation of Earth
Multiple resonance of the 4th principle during Earth's 4th initiation. 7p,36KB
Ecology of Spirit
A universal spiritual ecology of cycles of crisis and development. 10p,230KB
Cultural Creatives Synergy
A progressive group of world population leads to a better world. 3p,23KB
The Future of Politics?
Growing political influence of Cultual Creatives. 2p,73KB
Meditation for the World 1
Meditation for world and our transformation. 1p,3KB
A dream instruction about the secret of success. 1p,6KB
How to create positive global change. 2p,10KB
Oneness Co-creation
Meditation in the living God. 1p,5KB
Esoteric Role of Canberra 1
Esoteric astrology of Canberra. 6p,44KB
Esoteric Role of Canberra 2
Applications of esoteric astrology of Canberra. 5p,21KB


Margot's kundalini experience. 3p,17KB
Church of the World
A new order coming of unity. 1p,4KB
The Two Doves
Yin and Yang love. 1p,4KB
Love is the Ultimate Way
Deep love between two people. 1p,4KB


Prophecy of Peter Deunov
Cosmic wave of electricity bringing end of current cycle and beginning of golden age. 4p,16KB
Mellen-Thomas Beyond Death Experience
Literally a universal insight beyond spacetime. 7p,70KB
Prophecy of Mitar Tarabich
Historical verification plus years 2050-2100. 11p,40KB
Mother Shipton
16th century visions of today and creation of new heaven and earth. 5p,12KB
Padre Pio
Visions from mid 20th century of radical changes. 2p,54KB
Revelation of human influence on coming catastrophic change. 1p,6KB
Message from ETs about impending Earth changes. 1p,6KB
Carolyn Evers
Metatron interpretation of Avebury crop circle and 2012. 7p,61KB