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and a model of the soul that uses convergent information from science and wisdom teachings

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The chapters are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader to read them. You can download Acrobat Reader free by clicking here. Total book size is 400 pages, 4574KB.
Overview and Contents
Preview and table of contents. 9p,31KB
Chapter 1: Freedom Structures
Archetypal 3 & 7 structures of unfoldment. 15p,1652KB
Chapter 2: Chakra Psychologies
Clare Graves, Lynch & Kordis, and chakra stages of development. 18p,119KB
Chapter 3: The Rays
The seven psychological ray qualities. 15p,61KB
Chapter 4: Applications I, What We Value
Stages of ethics, morality and religion. 22p,113KB
Chapter 5: Applications II, What We Do
Stages of economics, politics, and work. 47p,310KB
Chapter 6: The New Science
Past, present and next paradigms of science. 31p,160KB
Chapter 7: Meaningfulness
Soul mechanism, quantum energy structure, fractal spacetime, subjective evolution, middle kingdom. 57p,2233KB
Chapter 8: Archetypes and Myths
Creation, Garden of Eden, Revelation and the Tarot. 56p,904KB
Chapter 9: Complex Systems and Synthesis
Attractors, chaos, dissipative structures, quantum mind, generic evolutionary stages, fractal resonance. 48p,706KB
Chapter 10: Final Stage
Three laws, image of God, the Plan, Melchizedek, faith and creation. 25p,609KB
Chapter 11: The Applied Now
Three applications, one process, dynamic of development, economic growth versus wealth. 39p,2106KB
Postscript, Appendix, Bibliography
Last word, Graves' levels appendix, book list, about the author. 16p,74KB

Kuan Yin - the Bodhisattva Image
and Bride of Christ in Revelation

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